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2019-09-23 Please visit A-INFO at EuMW 2019
2019-08-12 24-50GHz Broadband Dual Pol. Antenna For 5G Measurement
2019-06-10 Thank you for visiting us at the IEEE IMS 2019 in Boston
2019-05-28 Please visit A-INFO at IEEE IMS 2019
2019-04-19 【Newest】1-20GHz Open Boundary Dual Pol. Antenna
2019-03-19 【Newest】Millimeter-wave Waveguide Attenuator
2019-02-22 【Newest】5-50GHz Broadband Dual Pol. Antenna
2019-01-30 【Newest】Millimeter-wave Waveguide Load
2018-12-30 【Newest】Corrugated Feed Horn Antenna
2018-11-30 【Newest】Open Ended Waveguide Probes
2018-10-22 【Newest】High Power Dual Directional Coupler
2018-09-16 Please visit A-INFO at EDI CON USA 2018
2018-08-30 【Newest】Omni-directional Discone-type Antenna
2018-08-16 【Newest】X-Band Waveguide Sliding Short
2018-07-23 【Newest】Ka-Band Waveguide Rotary Joint
2018-06-27 Thank you for visiting us at the IEEE IMS 2018 in Philadelphia
2018-06-12 【Newest】Dual Polarization Microstrip Array Antenna
2018-05-25 【Newest】Millimeter-Wave High Power Waveguide Load
2018-04-27 Please visit A-INFO at IEEE IMS 2018
2018-04-13 【Special Recommendation】 Waveguide Circulator
2018-03-31 【Newest】 Double Ridge Waveguide High Directional Coupler
2018-03-16 【Newest】 Broadband Dual Pol./Circular Horn Antenna
2018-02-12 【Newest】 Broadband Horn Antenna: 4-40GHz, 4.5-50GHz, 6-67GHz
2018-02-07 E Band Waveguide Coupler
2018-01-11 W Band Waveguide Band Pass Filter
2017-12-13 Omni-directional Broadband Antenna
2017-11-30 Thank you for visiting us at the IEEE COMCAS 2017 in Tel Avi
2017-11-22 Waveguide Rotary Joint
2017-11-06 Please visit A-INFO at IEEE COMCAS 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel
2017-10-31 Thank you for visiting us at the EuMW 2017 in Nuremberg
2017-09-30 Waveguide VNA Calibration Kits completely replace Keysight and Maury's models and get same calibrated status for precision measurements.
2017-09-12 A-INFO Antenna for 5G Application
2017-08-29 Broadband Antenna LB-60180-ENM Installed on nadar's EMI receiver model PMM 9180
2017-07-26 Please visit A-INFO at EuMW 2017, Nuremberg, Germany
2017-07-11 24-25.5GHz Microstrip Array Antenna
2017-06-15 Waveguide Cross Coupler
2017-06-01 18-40GHz Multi Octave Horn Antenna
2017-05-22 Ultra-Wideband Coupler
2017-05-08 Broadband Horn Antenna
2017-04-24 Diagonal Horn Antenna
2017-03-09 Waveguide Sliding Load
2017-02-23 Waveguide Precision Fixed Attenuator: Low/ Low-Medium/ Medium/ High Power
2016-12-19 Waveguide Coupler: Cross/Loop/High Directional,Double Ridge/Rectangular Waveguide
2016-11-28 Log Periodic Antenna: Single & Dual Linear Polarization, Excellent Gain Flatness, Ideal For EMC/EMI Testing
2016-11-04 A-INFO CLKA1 Series Calibration Kit: can support most of the famous brand's VNA such as Keysight ( the former Agilent or HP), Rohde & Schwarz , R&S, Anritsu, CETC-41.
2016-09-19 Electric Waveguide Switch: high isolation80dB, double ridge/Rectangular Waveguide, E/H plane with position indicator
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